Friday, March 24th, 2017

About Public Health Council of the Upper Valley

The Public Health Council of the Upper Valley (PHC) is comprised of community leaders and representatives from a diverse group of community sectors working together to create a more healthy, safe, supportive, and vital Upper Valley. The PHC goal is to advance collaboration among Upper Valley organizations as a means to deliver core public health services, establish public health priorities, and mobilize resources to achieve measurable outcomes.

Developmental Milestones:

Planning Year (2012): Diverse team explored how to form a public health leadership structure that would match well with existing organizational structure and the culture of the Upper Valley.

Formative Year (2013):  Interim Executive Team defined the essential purpose of the advisory council and developed informal operating procedures and roles. In the fall of 2013, the Executive Team introduced the advisory council concept to a group of potential members from across the Upper Valley.

Launch Year (2014):  The Executive Team and staff reached out to a broad group of community members to help develop broad, yet actionable agenda for improving our community’s health and well-being through collective responses.  The assessment process led to the publishing of the Upper Valley Agenda for Public Health, with nineteen priority areas.

In 2015, the PHC developed its first Community Health Improvement Plan, focusing on five of the nineteen priority areas. The PHC began to implement small projects in many of its priority areas and continues to develop plans for other areas of concern.

For the current status of PHC priorities, plans, and activities, please see the PHC website.

The Public Health Council has been developed with funds and other support from the NH Charitable Foundation, Dartmouth-Hitchcock, the Jack and Dorothy Byrne Foundation, Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital, and individual donations.  We also receive financial support from the Towns of Canaan, Dorchester, Enfield, Grantham, Hanover, Lyme, Orange, Orford, Piermont, and Plainfield.

The Public Health Council is one of thirteen Regional Public Health Networks (RPHN) in New Hampshire, supported in part by the NH Department of Health and Human Services. The purpose of the RPHNs is to integrate multiple public health initiatives and services into a common network of community stakeholders. The 13 RPHNs include every community in the state.