Friday, March 24th, 2017

MVHI Strategic Plan 2014 to 2016

Guiding Principles:

  • We operate to build a strong and effective public health system that serves the needs of the residents of the Upper Valley.
  • We partner with community members and organizations who share our commitment to community health.
  • We build upon our past experience and the strengths existing within our organization.
  • We are ready to support emerging public health needs in our communities and respond to new opportunities.

Strategic Goals:

Support development and stabilization of the Upper Valley Public Health Advisory Council (UVPHAC):

  1. Provide administrative support and coordination for the UVPHAC;
  2. Seek fiscal stability for the UVPHAC through sustainable funding sources and special grant efforts as needed;
  3. Develop and use appropriate and timely communication strategies to keep the UVPHAC vital and relevant;
  4. Identify and develop opportunities to translate new public health practice and knowledge to our communities and residents.


Help the Mascoma Valley Region reduce the impact of alcohol and other drugs on its residents:

  1. Implement evidence-based environmental and community-based strategies through the Mascoma Valley Prevention Network (MVPN), in close collaboration with the Upper Valley Substance Misuse Prevention Partnership, to generate reductions in 30-day use rates for alcohol, marijuana, and medication misuse as well as increases in perceived risks of use and perceived parent disapproval (YRBS measures);
  2. Serve as fiscal agent and primary staff support for MVPN, including fundraising and program implementation;
  3. Ensure ongoing implementation and growth of the Indian River Youth 2 Youth after-school program by serving at least 40 youth in grades 5 through 8 each school year.


Develop and provide services that meet the identified needs of the communities we serve:

  1. As a full partner in the UVPHAC, participate in regional health needs assessments and prioritization efforts to identify opportunities for MVHI to use resources and expertise for community health improvement: a. Use the State Health Improvement Plan to identify health priorities and strategies to address local needs. b. Use the Upper Valley Agenda for Public Health to identify health priorities and strategies that are consistent with MVHI’s mission and present opportunities for program activities.
  2. As a full partner in the UVPHAC, facilitate discussions with community stakeholders to bring health needs assessment data together with community values and experiences to increase community engagement in programs and services developed.
  3. Maintain a role in delivering influenza vaccines and general vaccine education to schools and communities in the Upper Valley: a. Host at least three free influenza vaccine clinics annually in at least two different communities, in collaboration with Dartmouth-Hitchcock and the Geisel School of Medicine. b. Provide at least 750 free vaccines annually to community members aged 10 and older.
  4. Support ongoing efforts to provide oral health care to uninsured children and adults. Provide funds annually for urgent oral health treatments for residents of the Upper Valley, in collaboration with the Upper Valley SMILES Project.
  5. Provide consultation to our Municipalities and other organizations relative to emerging public health concerns, as needed.